Transition Toolkit

Transition Toolkit for Parents & Students

The Transition Toolkit is a resource tool for families as they consider the post-secondary plans for their children with disabilities.  With funding from the SC Department of Education, a team of parents, educators, students, service providers, and advocates reviewed relevant materials and compiled this toolkit of useful information.  The toolkit focuses on information in the areas of education, employment, and independent living.  One section of the Toolkit provides transition information in Spanish.  This project received support from schools in the tri-county and many IEP Teams have distributed the Toolkits during the IEP Meetings of transition age students.  Most of the middle and high schools in Berkeley, Dorchester, and Charleston Counties have copies of the Toolkit on site and should be available upon request.  In addition to being available on-line, the FRC has hard copies of the Toolkit available at the central office: 1575 Savannah Highway, Suite 6, in Charleston.  (Please call in advance to assure someone in in the office/843-266-1318.)

Download our Transition Toolkit